A massive, week long winter storm hit California and I couldn't pass up the oportunity to do some ski-mountaineering in our back yard. Mt. Baldy offers and amazing back country ski bowl away from all of the crowded lifts and overskied snow. On this rare occasion, it was possible to ski all the way up and down the mountain from the parking area at Manker Flats.

Middle East 2011
A month in the middle east including a 150 mile charity relay run from the Dead Sea (now I've stood at the lowest point on earth too) to the Red Sea in Jordan, Petra, Visit to Palestinian refugee camp in Lebanon, crashing overnight in an ancient tomb in Syria, First winter ascent of the highest point in Iraq, and many other silly, fun, enlightening, and educating experiences of language, customs and humankind only travel can bring.

Liberty Ridge, 2011
Steel, Doc, Jeff, Horst, Dave and the Hippie take on one of North America's classic technical mixed routes. Liberty Ridge on Rainier, WA.

Tulum MX 2010
I was lucky enough to convince my awesome family to go to Tulum for a week long Thanksgiving Holiday. We got a beautiful private place on the beach off the grid and enjoyed the sites.

Yosemite training hike, May 2010
In preparation for Todd's glacier training and climbing in the Cascades, we took a fitness building hike. He managed to haul 60lbs to Half Dome in mixed conditions.

Costa Rica Y Nicaragua, 2010
Rob and I went to visit Amy for a week during Semana Santa and then I took off for Nicaragua.

Alpine Tour of Whitney, March 2010
Alan, Todd and I head up the north fork of Lone Pine Creek for Todd's first tour of ski mountaineering and Alan's first winter overnight tour (in 70mph winds).

8 Joshua Tree trips spanning 2005-2011 and so many good friends and memories
Many of us still average a couple of trips a year, this is just a collection of my old Gallery albums after decommissioning the ancient Gallery3 software on my server around 2011.

Eurotrip August 2009
A month in Switzerland, France, Spain, Denmark and Sweden. Recovering from Everest and just enjoying good people and food.

Everest 2009 Shortest Version
I paired down my 6,000 some photos to 164 photos. The first few photos are of other climbs leading up to this one.

Central America, trip 2
Travels from Mexico, through Belize, Guatemala, El Salvador and Honduras.

Arroyo Tapiado Mud Caves in the Craizo Badlands of Borrego, CA 2008 and 2007
We return to our old stomping grounds near Goat Canyon and the Mexican border to explore the nearby mud caves again. 'Tis nice to have hot springs to soak in after playing in the dirt all day.

Denali 2008
Successful trip up Denali (Mt. Mckinley) - "The High One" - 20,320' (6194m). Steel, Doc, Hobbs and the Hippy take on the West Buttress again.

Morocco, Toubkal
Rick (old buddy from Jr High days who's been living abroad) wanted to go climb the highest point in North Africa during the winter. We climb Mt. Toubkal at the end of November with a huge amount of snow.

Family Ski trip to Switzerland - Zermatt New Year 2007-08
What was just going to be a couple buddies on a Swiss ski trip turned in to the first full family vacation in about a decade. I love Switzerland!

East Buttress Route up Mt. Whitney
A trip up one of the 50 classic climbs in North America. The 5.7 East Buttress route of Mt. Whitney. over 1000' vertical.

Swiss climbing trip, Aug 2005 (Matterhorn, Breithorn)
Trip to climb the Matterhorn and other peaks from Zermatt Switzerland with side trip to Interlaken.

Mt. Russell, 14,088' via the Whitney MR and East Arete
Marcus, Eli and me (Matt) climbing Russell, the 14er north of Whitney in under 14 hours. Great friends, beautiful back country; can't wait to go back!

Goodbye dear friend. I love you.

Mt. Whitney Moutaineer's Route, Winter 2005
Mt. Whitney, March 12-13, 2005. My First Winter Summit with Matt McFee

Tanzania 2004
Climbing Mt. Kilimanjaro, Africa's highest point 19,340', followed by a safari though the Ngorongoro crater and Serengeti

United States of Europe 2003
Eli and I playing in western Europe back in the day.

Belize 2002
Ryan and I spent 10 days in the jungles and cayes of Belize the week after I finished my BS.

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